Thursday, 19 February 2009

Roman holiday


Well I am off for half term - my week has passed so quickly. I have cleared out the garage , begun research on the Danish /Swedish war of 1658 ( trying to get some books inter library loan) and had some fun R&R too. I have been catching up on series 2 of Rome on my friend's dvd box set. It is ott and graphic at times but I fear I am hooked. Just watched the battle of Phillipi with lunch and feel ancients on the agenda once more. However where to go rules wise these days- I am an old wrg man but am a bit off dbm! What next - any ideas welcome...

With regard to the 18th century I found this interesting diagram and wondered if this family/loyalty "tree" might have a place in the world of EvE . Let me know what you think...

p.s the postwoman has just tried to ram a hard back book into the letter box causing it some damage - it is "The garden cottage diaries- my year in the 18th century " by Fiona J Houston


  1. We in the Jackson (Miss., USA) Gamers have been using Field of Glory for several Roman Civil War games. You can find some battle reports at our web site:


  2. Some old gaming buddies have also been playing some FoG and enjoying it . . . I was turned off by the Games Workshop-style pricing of rules and lists . . . but that may just be me.

    "Basic Impetus" has had a lot of good press . . . and it has the advantage of being free . . . although their "Advanced" rules sound more interesting and do cost something:

    I haven't played Ancients in quite a few years though . . . so there may well be others with better suggestions.

    -- Jeff

  3. Been having fun, I see.
    Actually, I think such a chart for EvE might be hilarious .... our "loyalties" are almost as convoluted as they were in the real world ...

  4. Yeah, I'd like to see someone try to put that together (chart of EvE)! lol
    Although, quite a few of us have our own protagonists/antagonists...

  5. Shouldn't there be a Titus Pullo to Cleopatra link?