Tuesday, 4 May 2010

City State.

Welcome to the Imperial City of Weltschmerz - Hammerklavier,which finds herself to be located within the Duchy of Tradgardland by a strange quirk of fate...

Come with me on a journey into a city of fascinations and contradictions. Learn of the local customs and find out about the local forces. The Prince Bishop welcomes you one and all.

These are interesting days in Weltschmerz-Hammerklavier for the city is about to become a thorn in the flesh that is the Duchy of Tradgardland!

You are invited to click upon the accompanying woodcut to see the city in all her majesty and glory.

Over the coming weeks we will walk her alleyways together and meet the bizarre ,the profane and the saintly - come with us friends the gates are closing,night falls and we are beckoned inside.


  1. Ah, I'm glad that you are back to providing us with "period color" again.

    -- Jeff

  2. Man, that place reminds be of Byzantium... Ain't Byzantium, though: I can tell by the buildings ;). Very strange that two cities should look so alike in layout... :/

  3. I'm thinking it owes a nod and a wink to Prague, but I may be wrong. Nice illustration.

  4. Cool map!

    (The river is called "Rys" according to the lable on the map. Anyone know where that is?)

  5. The map owes much to a Swiss city- background radically changed and other details added or removed...

  6. Hoping for a lenghty acquaintance with Weltschmerz - Hammerklavier!