Sunday 23 May 2010

A fruitful day

Yesterday I took the bus to Glasgow. I attended an event ( partly work ,partly personal interest related) called "Fruitful Harvest" which was about apple orchards. It proved to be an inspirational day on the hottest day of the year yet. Speakers shared knowledge ,interests and enthusiasms to the benefit of all.
One showed PowerPoint images of 18th century town maps from Scotland and pointed out how prevalent orchards were in the urban environment. She took the research in Glasgow to more recent times and showed us maps of where orchards were up to more recent times...
It was an excellent day and reminded me ,amongst other things, of how good it would be to see more orchards modelled upon the wargames table!
I am currently exhausted with work, and consequently painting and modelling have ground almost to a halt. Yesterday revived my spirits,encouraged me to grow more of my own food and reminded me a day will come again soon when I will have some energy once more!


  1. I saw an interesting article on the 'local' newes a year or so ago. A charity group in Sheffield collected the apples from as many trees in the city that they could find on common land. None of the trees were tended in any way, just growing wild. Each year they 'harvest' a couple of tons of fruit which they distribute at local homeless hostels and similar.
    On a more personal note, we have apple, pear and cherrt trees and most of our neighbours have at least an apple tree. Our fruit is eaten baked, cooked with etc and is very enjoyable. Yet several of the neighbours are so removed from the food production process that they let the fruit drop and rot whilst buying apples from the supermarket!

  2. A fantastic news item and such a super thing to happen.If that model could occur more often...

    It is sad to hear about those who waste their fruit - or anything I guess.
    Delighted to hear you enjoy your fruit- are you in a town or country area?
    We need as a society to reconnect with the soil and food production I feel.

  3. Just had a splendid day at the allotment and planted a plum and a cherry I got for my birthday.

    Gets in the way of painting though!!

  4. We are now in the land of green meadows (village/parish population @200) and have a journey of about 6 miles to find a store. I wish we could get an allotment, or at least one in the village. As it is we've converted about 150 sq yds of the garden into our vegetable plot, which keeps my wife busy and regular servings of fresh food on the table. And, most importantly, it doesn't use any of my hobby time!