Sunday, 4 March 2012

Big Wars

Still a tad under the weather at present. I have done little painting of late but have prepared some figures instead. I have however been enjoying a splendid game by email.
Brian ( our esteemed umpire) has the table set up in his house.He sends photos to Ian  and myself of what our commanders can see . We  then send in our moves by email and Brian resolves the resulting shooting,melee and morale. Great fun -thanks to Brian for his excellent scenario and umpiring and to Ian for be a worthy opponent. The figures are all 54mm by the way. Here is a photo below-


  1. Hi Trad,

    I hope you improving apace.

    That looks a really good bash and no mistake! I would love to see a full write up with details of the figures etc.

    Very inspiring - especially as I now have a ton of 54mms to organise and paint!

    All the best,


  2. What a splendid looking game 1.

  3. Brilliant idea, simulating the fog of war. Hope you are on the mend

  4. That does look like a nice, colourful 'toy soldierish' set up. Interesting terrain and the materials making up the battlefield look very fitting. "Splendid" is a very appropriate description!