Monday, 26 March 2012

Home Guard

Well another warm balmy day here in the Duchy after a surprisingly dark start when I went for the train at 6.30 a.m.  Yesterday I managed to finish some Home Guard figures ( 20mm by Sgrt's Mess) for a forthcoming recreation of the "Action at Twin Farms" known to many of you. The Home Guard (Army Red in a H G Wells sense if you know what I mean) will defend the farms against  Army Black (20mm plastic Airfix of yesteryear currently being painted & accompanied by Minitanks half tracks) who have invaded...
Pictured below are Army Red going through their paces in the form of Section maneuvers and live firing from the Smith gun and Bren guns-
Hopefully the game will get a chance to be played within the coming week ,work and house painting allowing...


  1. Those are lovely figures. *sigh* another tempting range...

    Looking forward to seeing the game.

  2. Aha! Got you! These are very neat little figures. I'm more and more drawn to simple, small scale encounters, as opposed to 'total wargaming'.

  3. Conrad
    Well worth being tempted by they are- excellent range of figures and some super scenery accessories too...

  4. Alfront
    Excellent castings with much character evident in their 20mm scale.Time,energy,space and to a certain degree desire has moved me in the direct you refer too.It can be fun to view the spectacular games at shows but something manageable is the way I am going.The Ducal War chest is not filled with an infinite supply of Tradgardlandian thallers it it can be an expensive hobby.I am convinced you can have loads of fun with tactically interesting small scale games...