Sunday, 25 March 2012

Paint& Books

We are in the midst of painting & decorating.We are also moving bookcases and dusting their contents. Today (Sunday) we are doing a couple of coats of paint before going into the garden in the afternoon. The pictures show the room with books off the shelves- I am always amazed the room they take up when not on shelves.The second shot shows  some books reinstated and is a chance to see some of the books which make up part of the Ducal collection. Finally a shot of a WW1 ship made from scrap by a  German P.O.W in WW1 as a present for one of my relatives who had done a kindness for him. Sadly I know nothing more of the story other than to say it is the Blucher. I have grown up with it and treasure it.


  1. A healthy collection of Ospreys there sir. Great ship too

  2. I am very envious! That model ship is a little gem and it is great that you have managed to preserve it.

    All the best,


  3. These are the things that should be treasured as their worth is far more than the material value.


    PS. Like to see books getting dusted once in a while - basic preservation counts for a lot.


  4. Alan, that is a marvellous piece of 'trench art', absolutely amazing. A very valuable piece indeed. Have you read Nicholas Saunders' Trench Art, Materialities and Memoirs of War ?