Saturday, 24 November 2012

friends reunited

The weekend has arrived here in Tradgardland.The frost lies white upon the lawn and I have had my coffee-allowed one a day of the caf stuff .It has been a busy week at work and home  and it is good to be off for a couple of days. Firstly a book to recommend-
Sorry about odd piccie of it but I got it off the web rather than getting the camera out. I just started this book the other day and it is a splendid read so far. I'm quite taken with this Jazz Age Imperialism malarky. I watched The Drum on the web last weekend and enjoyed the battle scenes immensely.

On a different front,due the helpfulness of fellow gamers,I am beginning to build my Mythical Earth forces for some gaming circa 1976.One wee parcel has arrived full of goodies and I await two other larger ones. I can't wait for the post to come. To some the figures may seem odd and basic but to me they are a joy.It is like being reunited with old friends.Have a good Saturday wherever you are.

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