Monday, 26 November 2012

Re Liebster Award

Many thanks to those who nominated me for the Liebster Award.I'm delighted to get mentioned and now need to nominate five .So without more ado here goes...
One. War Diaries of a little Englander
Always an eclectic mix of periods,gardening ,poetry and diverse items to think upon...
Two Steam Steel and Torpeodoes- great modelling and a fascinating back story...
Three.Sumer to Sargon.A visually beautiful and very informative guide to Sumerian wargaming.Those onager pulled battlecarts are fantastic
Four:Shandy and Vauban - al fresco wargaming the 18th Century with 54mm figures and indoors too
Five: A very creative 18th century imagination and diverse ideas for scenery and gaming.Do pop over and see if you haven't been there yet.Always something intersting

So there we are gents.It was so hard to choose only five but I had to make a decision...


  1. Well deserved there Tradgardmastre and great choices too

  2. Congratulation on a much deserved award!

    All the best,


  3. Alan, old fruit! I've just awarded you one as well, only to find you've awarded me one!! Aieeee - the Edinburgh mafia. Perhaps we should both stand for election to the university's General Council...

  4. I'm honored that you included my humble effort, especially in light of how little I have done with it for too long now! At this point I'm not sure there are many I could choose that haven't already gotten it. lol
    Yours definitely would've been in the running! (can I be an honorary member of the Edinburgh mafia, even though my ancestors departed from that city nearly 200 years ago? ha!)