Sunday 2 December 2012


And so Advent begins...
Yesterday Jan and I did a little Christmas shopping together in Edinburgh at Holy Corner (so called because of the number of churches at the junction of some roads there)which was a lovely way to start the Season. A sudden freezing has left the Duchy under sheet ice.Considering my enthusiasm for ski troops in miniatures I am surprisingly wary of ice generally as I walk about. We had wonderful coffee and apple strudel at the German baker/coffee shop pictured in the top photograph.If in the city don't miss this place!
Cards were bought too including ones with a painting by the Marianne Stokes.I have posted this image of another of her most famous works. I had better dash -off to Church soon and later this afternoon I hope to have time to set up a Middle Earth game on the dining room table. Have a good day one and all!


  1. Yours is a much less jaundiced view of the run-up to Christmas than mine, but it does sound as if the balance between normality and festive fervour to indulge in retail therapy is much more in equilibrium in Edinburgh.

    Good luck with your game.

    All the best,


  2. Thats a lovely painting there Alan and it looks like a very enjoyable trip to Edinburgh, one day I will have to visit the city.

    Have a great game there my friend