Saturday 29 December 2012

A little light conversion work...

Yesterday my 40mm  pre painted Anglo Saxons and Vikings arrived from Expeditionary Force in Singapore. I finally got them unpacked this afternoon.They were really well packaged and travelled extremely well.So I settled down for a litttle light converting.Figures cut well and stuck on with superglue. In the first picture I have converted a Saxon Cavalry standard by taking a viking figure repainting the cloak,swopping a hand and adding a banner.
The above vikings have had a paper banner added and a sword hand stuck on from the mounted figure in the first picture.

All I have done here is to add a banner to make a Saxon standard bearer .

Finally a picture to show the scale involved. A 25mm SYW figure stands with a 40mm Expeditionary Force archer.
I am delighted with my figures and will set up a game soon using Tidders Saxons v Vikings rules. A pleasing enjoyable half an hours work.


  1. An excellent job on those conversions, I do enjoy looking at your painting style. I look forward to reading about the battle with your new units.

  2. Those look pretty good. Nice work on the conversions, too!

    (I kept thinking "Rohirrim!" :D )

  3. Barry,don't forget these were preprinted with a little over painting by me...
    Conversions were aided by the plastic which bonds well and is easily cut...
    Fit badger do you know of orcs in 40mm at all,I find your idea a tad tempting...

  4. Sorry, I don't know much about 40mm figures at all. All of my stuff is 28mm.

  5. These are nice pre painted figures, and some good conversion work too. Don't know much about 40mm stuff, other than Irregular doing some and I want to say JACKDAW figures as well? Maybe ask Tidders over at Nothelm Chronicles and Wittenberg, he has shed loads of 40mm stuff.

  6. The viking and saxon figures by Expeditionary Force are neat loking - I nearly bought some; nice work on the conversion.

    Other 40mm figure ranges
    - Sash & Sabre 40mm - Saxons, Vikings and Normans
    - Prince August 40mm - Vikings and Saxons moulds for casting figs

    I don't know of any fantasy ranges in 40mm.

    -- Allan

  7. I'm glad some one has bought some of these! I keep thinking I should order some Saxons to see how they stack up with my Elastolins and my Prince August homecast Saxons.

    Nice conversions btw.