Wednesday 12 December 2012

Jazz Age Imperialism...

Evening all from a frosty Tradgardland! Just a quick post with accompanying photo. I am hoping to get some 1920s/30s pathans and Gurkhas from Santa this year.Yes,I know it is a new period/diversion/side period but who could resist the Empress Miniatures figures and Copplestone Castings too?
I have been doing background reading in the form of John Master's autbiography,Edwin Herbert's Risings and Rebellions and myriad internet sites etc. I like the whole twenties/thirties vibe,solar topees,wooly poolies,armoured cars,tankettes,sepia photos and the alike.
I am looking for ideas for rules.So far I have Triumph and Tradgedy  and The Osprey Interwar Rules  in mind .However I would appreciate your ideas .It is to be a wee game set up- 30 or so figs a side ,a gun or two and an a/c.Maybe a gleaming silvered plane from the RAF. Let me know what you think...


  1. While not my period, you might want to look at some of the "pulp" rules . . . particularly if you like a bit of the "role-playing" aspect.

    I can't recommend any particular set since, as I mentioned, it isn't a period I'm interested in.

    -- Jeff

  2. Hi Alan and I have to admit I am being drawn to those wonderfully Paul Hick figures at Empress too, that why I have included a room on VBCF for them.

    Rules wise Ooks Went the Day Well should be coming out in the new year and I think they will be a blast for the period.

    I do hope Empress release some more figures for these soon.