Monday, 31 December 2012

Battle of Took's Farm- with apologies to HGW...

Today I played my first Mythical Earth game . Please click on the above picture to see the dispositions...
Figures used were Minifigs Mythical Earth figures and Jim Duncan's rules - both circa 1976. 
Farmer Took had vacated his farm and sought shelter as soon as the first wargs were seen in the woods nearby .Soon they were joined by their evil allies. Farmer Took's son was able to seek the aid of Elves and Riders of Rohan to try and save his land. The Took family found a place from which to view the coming battle and waited for the action to commence.
A fierce battle was joined between the Wood Elves and the Trolls/Giant for  Firefly Temple.
Ent,Huorn,dwarves,goblins and Dunlanders contest the wood...
The Wood Elves flee in the face of superior odds...
The Riders of Rohan rout off the table after a fierce melee preceded by archery. The wizard ,whose magic has gone wrong routs off the table.

At the end of the battle the goblins and Dunlanders rout off the field,the wargs flee back to the mountains whilst the giant meets it's end at upon myriad lance points.
The game ended in a draw with farmer Took the only winner. Both sides slunk away under the cover of darkness. I really enjoyed the game and will have another solo one very soon adding in swarms of bats ,eagles etc...


  1. If you had said to me back in 1976 that you would be playing a game with these rules in 2012 I would have said 'don't be stupid'.

    How wrong am I now!!


  2. Cracking stuff, and a nicely presented order of battle thanks. These figures have a real charm don't they. I have dug out a wood elf rider I think, from the bits box so will forward to you soon

  3. Thanks for the report. Looks like it was fun. Seemed like almost everyone was routing/fleeing at some point, eh? ha ha

  4. Great looking game! I adore the retro figures - what a collection!

  5. What a cracking small action - everyone, more or less, taking to the hills. More!

  6. It's fun to see all those ancient figures in action. I've only got a few ME range pieces still in my collection; they aren't enough to fight a scenario...

  7. Great stuff! Some good memories there, those Rohirrim were my 2nd unit of metal ancients!

  8. What an awesome collection of ME figures. Are Jim's rules published or how can we find them?

  9. Jim's rules are -
    South East Scotland Wargames Club
    Rules for Middle Earth Gaming by Jim Duncan March 1975
    They were printed off at the club at the time.Jim did retype them for me last year or so.
    You could contact him at his blog-

  10. Thanks for passing on the contact details for me. I'll be in touch with Owlorbs shortly!


  11. So cool, nice collection too, i thought i was the only one that still had these figures, i have a colection of about 300 that i bought as a teenager and used to battle a lot with them with my own ruloes (as you did back then) Here is a link to a pic of them all