Monday 17 December 2012

Four good things...

The postman brought a number of packages etc to the Duchy today.Firstly some Mythical Earth figures for my old school middle earth project- thanks Mike they arrived safely,cheers!
Secondly some garden inspiration in the form of a monthly magazine we subscribe to - good reading for the dark winter nights,inspiring gardens and tempting book reviews.
Thirdly the customary of our Lady of Walsingham- a new prayer book bringing the riches of the Anglican tradition into the Catholic Church ...
Last by no means least the latest very British civil War title from Solway Craft s and Miniatures.It is even more exciting as I contributed the material on the League of St Andrew and get a mention for doing so.I am chuffed to bits .
Only a few days to the Christmas hols can't wait!


  1. What a collection of good books there Alan. Enjoy your reading and congratulations on getting your name in print. Its a great feeling isnt it

  2. An eclectic mix of reading matter. I like the binding on the Customary. Glad to hear the figures arrived, quicker than I thought they would.