Wednesday 26 December 2012

Old ,middle and new school?

Boxing day morning and all the rest of the family are still slumbering. I am up working on my Middle Earth project.Today I have finished an old school Huorn (sentient tree) from the mythical Earth range, middle school bat swarm (Chariot miniatures) and Eagles (Peter Pig) and new school- a plastic Hobbit film related goblin bought for a couple of pounds in a sealed bag in Waterstons when I saw it at the till when buying a present for my wife.I have utilised  him as a giant in the absence of having one of those lovely (Pauline Baynes inspired?) Minifigs Mythical Earth Giants I wish I still had. Please forgive the old/middle& new School peg  which I have hung my post on  as it is merely a passing thought.
Finally what rules did you chaps use for the Mythical Earth range in your youth and if anyone finds  any old M.E range figures in th eloft I remain interested...
Have a great Boxing Day!


  1. Good progress, and a jolly day in the Duchy yesterday by the look of it. As for rules back in the day.... we used to run out fantasy games using WRG Renaissance (obviously with a few tweaks). All our little group new them off by heart anyhow, and they always provided a really fun game with proper casualty removal. Although we did try Warhammer when it came out in 1983 or whenever, I think the amount of dice involved put us
    off. I have had a couple of games with the GW Strategy Battle game which were quite good. You should be able to pick up a copy of the first blue book on ebay pretty cheaply.

  2. You can't give up on the Minifigs Middle Earth now!