Wednesday, 29 January 2014

ESF- Edwardian Science Fiction?

I am currently looking at a wee "period holiday" with regard to my gaming.I fancy a little side project involving a few figures.I have looked out my copy of the Osprey " In her Majesty's name" and some figures I have collected - enough for a couple of companies.
I fancy taking things forward a tad to the Edwardian period and wondered what differences I ought to factor in compared to the Victorian steampunk/SF period.
I have found the white undercoat work very hard ( a rather frustrating Sunday session with little to show for it)  and will "cop-out" for the  two companies and go back to black undercoat/wash...


  1. Edwardian... Off the top of my head I'll say telephones will replace telegraph for instant communication. Most large households and all government offices had them by 1901, and the military were already making use of them in the field (the 1896-8 Sudan Campaigns for instance).

  2. A wider range of machine gun types for one. By 1905 we have moved forwards from the large, static, water-cooled machine gun to ones that are far more mobile.
    More reliable grenades as well.

  3. Also the introduction of the internal combustion engine for road vehicles (all brass and leather) whilst the power to weight ratio gave rise to the new fangled aeroplane.

    Re undercoats I have found black, heavily dry brushed white works well when adding washes. The shadows are already underneath. Might not win prizes but acceptable and relatively quick.