Friday, 31 January 2014

Friday night/St Bride's Eve

It is Friday evening and the whole weekend stretches out before me.It is a time I really enjoy with two days ahead free of work. Jan & I managed this afternoon to get away for a quick coffee together ( she started the week  exhausted but has gained energy in the last day or so) at the local garden centre.Whilst there I picked up this-
I am looking forward to reading it over the weekend and hopefully inspired to do some modelling related to it...
On the wargaming front I am about to embark upon what,for me, will be a major project. It was certainly not planned for  or even anticipated but an opportunity presented itself which I could not resist. It will involve  loads of painting and will keep me going for ages I imagine.More info later.In the meantime your guesses are more than welcome.


  1. Napoleonic? (something to do with 1815 bicentenary next year?)

  2. German Butchers from Edinburgh for VBCW Alan?

  3. Got them based up waiting for undercoating (honestly) but my vbcw mojo has gone a little for the moment sadly.I really hope it comes back...

  4. Interesting looking book - may get one

    -- Allan