Saturday, 21 June 2014

Can you help?

I found these Glorantha skirmish rules here-

To play I need-
"The only stat is RuneFight which is the figures original RQ best weapon skill divided by 10."
I don't have the RQ rules so could anyone give me the RQ best weapon skills so I could have a go?

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  1. I suspect you have misunderstood the brief notes...........
    You will not need a set of RQ to use them (although you can still pick up the classic RQ 1 & 2 from eBay).
    The version of RQ I used to play (2?) had weapons stats partly derived from characteristics & mostly from the basic weapons skill. This was cultural, so a novice would have say 25% skill with a spear & 10% with a sword. This was modified by the characteristics (such as speed) & increased by making experience rolls after a fight. If you used your sword, you rolled the skill (10%) & if you EXCEEDED it increased by 5% (so it became harder to improve the better you got).
    I suggest what you do is just assign a RQ best weapon skill from 1 to 10 (representing 10-100% skill), the higher numbers would be reserved for Rune Lords, the lower for initiates with most in the middle ranges.