Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Society of Ancients Medieval Warren game- anyone got it?

Has anyone got a copy of the Society of Ancient article/game about medieval warrens and rabbits.It came with a rabbit shaped template for measuring. If you do have this article I wonder if I could have a photocopy?


  1. Sounds like an interesting game. I read "Watership Down" and "The Private Life of the Rabbit" years ago and thought Watership Down would make a great scenario for a war-game. I even bought some rabbits for the game. Hopefully if you have success you will let us know your plans.

  2. Never heard of that one, but I did have the Bunnies and Burrows rpg years ago. Sadly, never found anyone to play it with and left it behind during a move, along with a lot of other games, books, etc.

  3. Would that I could help you. Around my house bunnies are not mentioned, as they are the sworn enemy of Madame Padre, the gardener.

  4. No, but I do have the rather good 'Shire' booklet on medieval rabbit warrens - recommended!