Sunday, 8 June 2014

Picts etc

Been painting Picts this weekend. Prior to this Jan and I enjoyed a visit to the Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh yesterday which was as inspiring as ever.It is simply glorious.We had good weather and the chance to have a good look around. Later,after we had left, torrential rain came and we headed home after lunch out ,with the moving sound of Orthodox chant on the radio courtesy of Radio Three.With the rain pelting down outside I moved my Picts forward on the painting table for my forthcoming Valhalla Dark age skirmish game against Saxons. In a previous post I mentioned buying the rules at Carronade.The above pic is of my Pictish Chieftain/Warlord,his Bard and a spearman.  Also managed a couple of  civilians- a priest/bishop of the Celtic Church and his acolyte visiting one of the flock-
Always liked Picts,fascinating enigmatic chaps indeed.


  1. Nice little brochs (is that the right word?) as well as the figures. Interesting period.

  2. Very nice indeed. I also like the little structures, they look like a good size for gaming, and the pics of the Picts. (my mother thinks we have Picts in our ancestry).
    I've never visited the botanic gardens in Edinburgh. Maybe I will have to remedy that next time I'm over there (tends to be about once a decade, more or less).

  3. These Picts are really nice!

  4. Very nice milord Duke. I especially like the monk in the middle of pic 2. Whatever he is saying, it is obviously very important.
    I wasn't that fond of Dark Ages gaming, but after binge-watching both seasons of Vikings, I can see the attraction now.