Thursday, 18 September 2014

A Very Big Day

Thursday 6.45 a.m and the polls open in 15 minutes.
 I will cast my vote on the way  to work at 7.00 am.
A very big day here.I hope it goes well for all and I,for one, will be glad when it is over...
May we all use our votes well for the common good.


  1. Good fortune to all North O' the Border ! , Tony

  2. Tradgardmastare,

    I just hope for a decisive result either way, as an almost equal vote for 'Yes' or 'No' will make the losers feel that they might have won and have been cheated. That could lead to tension in Scotland between the two sides ... and that is something that no right-thinking people wants to see.

    All the best,


  3. Best wishes for you all, whether yea or nay...

  4. Cast my vote just before lunch although my better half voted too so that is one for each side.

  5. Good luck with it all. I hope it works out for the best.

  6. Bob has expressed the concerns I have.
    Living in a country where half the people are sensible and the other half a bunch of idiots, is definitely less enjoyable than it should be.

    Of course living in the US, I'm unsure of what, if any, effect it has on me. [Other than possibly upsetting my understanding of the whole UK/Great Britain/British rigamarole.]