Saturday, 13 September 2014

Mr Anon not blissfully unaware...

 Found this  page this morning by chance when looking for uniform info  and read the following-

The chap who offered the name participated in a solitary show game and contributed not a single model yet his casual suggestion outlasted him by 19 years. I have seen him occasionally at events in Scotland and he is still perhaps blissfully unaware that it was his idea. Mr Anon was an infrequent member of an extended gaming circle during 1992-93 but quickly fell by the wayside mainly as he seemed to have little interest in doing anything more than talking about games. Ironically, the name is not what I personally would have chosen. It seemed a bit pretentious at the time and has only sat comfortably with me through familiarity of use. I however had no alternative to hand and for the sake of a scribbled piece of paper to mark our table space at a small show, it seemed churlish to object.

I think that I am indeed the aforementioned  Mr Anon! 

Harry Bilton  at his best...
What do you think ?



  1. Alan

    Your LOA link came up a bit confused on my system.

    This link was better for me.


    1. Thanks Jim!
      I have replaced the faulty link in my post this morning.