Friday, 26 September 2014


Weekend at last.That part of life which is not Faith,Family,Home or Hobby (in other words £$%^) has been particularly trying this week to say the least.I am so glad it is Friday evening.
However the post man brought these-
On first glance they look excellent ,well illustrated ,well written and best of all look fun to play. I intend to use them with my 28mm medievals and my 1970s Mythical Earth figures.Loads of fun ahead I'm sure. Have any of you tried them? How did you get on and what retinues are you collecting?


  1. I have not looked at or tried those rules. They do look good (judging a book by its cover), and I think the author has done some good work on other projects.

  2. I'm limiting my periods due to age and health so I won't be trying this, BUT I hope that you have a wonderful time with it, sir. And I hope that "real life" will treat you more gently in the future.

    -- Jeff

  3. I had three very entertaining solo games on Thursday and I'm looking forward to more. The forces had identical stats but the activation rules produce plenty of uncertainty. Have a look on my blog, hope the link works.

  4. I hope you have a better week. The blogs are full of good opinions for Lion Rampant, so I think you're in safe hands.

  5. Hope you will like the rules Alan !

    About you Gotland/Visby question. Unfortunally there arn´t much info about the event in english, you can find some info about the forces in the Ospry Medieval Scandinavian armys 1, on sale at the moment...

    I will bring you more info about this in a month or so... cant tell more at the moment... :)