Saturday, 11 October 2014

Updates- Helms,lead and leads

Half term at last and I am off for a week-huzzah! I cannot post the pictures I took with my eldest's camera as she forgot the lead! You therefore will not be able to see what I am painting or the glorious Cosmos flowers in the garden.
For my Lion Rampant project I have taken delivery of some Brettonian GW archers and knights ( they are big but splendid) for my medieval Tradgardland  forces. I love the tourney style helms and the figures should look spectacular in action. In the mean time a couple of pictures I got to add inspiration to my painting-
These pictures remind me of a 1914 Munich calendar I got some years ago from an antique dealer-
It is very colourful inside too-
I have started painting six of the knights to get onto the table this holiday for a Lion Rampant game hopefully later in the week.
The lack of camera lead means you cannot see a picture of  some 54mm lead soldiers in home service uniform I bought for a 1885 North West rebellion game. I am in two minds about repainting old lead but will go for it- I think they deserve it.

I have also been thinking about Fellund and hope to have delivery of some London Warroom Spanish mountain troops soon to move the Fellund forces forward. I am trying to come with a flag design too.

Finally I have been lurking around Glorantha based sites of late becoming increasingly drawn into that arcane world. I have succumbed and sent off for 12 Broo by Madknight.I will use them against some peltasts etc I have lying around. I still am looking for a way in to Glorantha - the blogs/websites/illustrations I have looked at raise as many questions as they answer.

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