Saturday, 13 December 2014

Turning bad into good...

Of late I have woken almost every day around four in the morning-one minute asleep, the next wide awake fretting about work matters. Often that is me awake for the day, though I lie in bed quietly ( or try to) until around an hour and a half later when I get ready for work.
 Today (thankfully) is Saturday and so I got up to make coffee. After that I listened to two episodes of "Master & Commander on the  i player radio app whilst painting some Mythical Earth  Ents,Giants and other "old school" figures. It has been a most agreeable way to begin the weekend...


  1. A good start. I am girding myself for a manic day selling Christmas I loathe Prince Albert's memory for introducing this custom.

  2. I have phases where I wake up at 3-4am, worrying about things. I have taken to actually getting up - I much about on the internet for half an hour or so, but have in the past painted figures for a little bit. The one thing assured not to send me back to sleep, even if only for half an hour, is staying in bed until the alarm goes off.

  3. This sounds very familiar. Even though I have been retired over two years, this still happens to me once or twice every month. My solution is to get up, turn on my computer, and either surf the 'net or write. The lack of sleep is something that I have learned to cope with, but lying in bed unable to sleep just drives me up the wall!

    I hope that this phase passes as soon as possible. In the meantime, enjoy your weekend.

    All the best,


  4. An audio casette of Master and Commander was my introduction to Jack Aubrey and I played it to pieces as well as reading the books.

    I 2nd the advice, if I can't fallback to sleep in short order, I get up, leave the room and do something. The experts counsel against computers since they seem to excite the brain so when I can resist the call of the Web I flip through uniform books, read or fiddle with my toys or even paint fir a while when my room is setup for it then head back to bed. Verrrrrry rarely I have put a favorite old movie on and drifted off to sleep on the couch. Nothing puts me to sleep like a favorite old movie.

    Enjoy your Saturday

  5. I try to go to bed at a regular time, 11pm at the latest, and wake at the same time. Not always easy, I know, but it helps if you can 'train' your body into a schedule. I'd recommend you stop working on the computer at least an hour before retiring. The things tend to over-stimulate the brain which makes it hard to rest.

  6. Sounds good, regardless the sleepiness.. figure painting is also for me often aching to do at night... I hope, you may relax on Xmas a little bit!