Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Help with brollies

Does anyone know if one can buy closed umbrellas which would fit in with 25mm /28mm figures?
Thanks Alan


  1. Hi Alan,
    Just a thought. Why not try to make your own?

    Cut a circle of thin-ish paper about 20mm to 1 inch in diameter. Draw a circle by tracing the outline of a 2 pence, 10 pence or 2 pound coin. Fold the circle in half, then half again, and again as many times as you can. Then unfold, turn over and do the same again. Then finally unfold and then refold by alternating the in and out folds. Glue the inside and add a 'stick' handle down the middle from a paper clip. Thin nosed pliers or tweezers might help.

    Then undercoat and paint. With a bit of shading and highlighting on the paint job it should look OK on the table top.


  2. I sculpted one myself in greenstuff and cast it for my own minis - but Tom's idea sounds good.

  3. Thanks gentlemen,I shall give the home-made approach a go...