Saturday 6 February 2016

Still here and a question?

Last weekend saw snow here in the Duchy-
which sadly didn't stay around for long. It also saw quite a number of games of "Ticket to Ride"-
which were part of my daughter's 22nd birthday celebrations.
This morning saw me rebasing and trying out static grass and those clumpy scenic reedy things-
as well as those  dice frames from Warbases.
Finally the question- does anyone know if "Little Wars" was played outwith Great Britain when first published?If so where?
Have a good Saturday one and all!


  1. I've not seen any snow down here thank goodness (can;t stand the stuff), but it looks nice in your garden. LOTR figures shaping up nicely.

  2. I admire any family where a boardgame makes up part of the birthday celebrations :)

  3. I agree about the snow and the boardgaming celebrations. Ticket to Ride is a fun game. The various figures look good based up like that. I don't know about your question.

  4. 1. Love ticket to ride, but prefer the North American version - it's a matter of taste, I suppose.
    2. I have a reproduction copy of "Little Wars", but I've never played the game as is. I've heard it has been done some places in the US.

  5. That looks like a proper Canadian garden in winter. Our snow has been melting fast in an unseasonably warm February thus far.
    Bases look good.