Thursday 11 February 2016

The sacred mole of Ukkert or My Elves have their first outing.

Had a most enjoyable game of Dragon Rampant on Tuesday.
My Elves at the start of the game with their Eagle chums.
The Dwarven defenders await across the table...
My opponent's new and splendid Ral Partha ram riders. They flitted about skirmishing with crossbows a bit.
End game- my eagles menace the Dwarven scouts, my small unit of Elven lords has made it out of the woods and the remnant of Elven archers appear near the upper left hand corner of the picture. At this point I resigned- there were just too many dwarves left. Dragon Rampant gives a fun game ,easy on the brain and big on enjoyment. If you haven't tried it yet go for it!


  1. Good to see that you're enjoying it. A cousin picked up lion Rampant recently and has been eager to give it a go.

  2. Most entertaining Game you've had Alan - perhaps next Rampant you'll have a win with your Elves. Regards. KEV.

  3. Nice report!
    I bought the rules, too, and I agree they look like a good simple fun set. I'm looking forward to a chance to give them a try myself. I do find some of the scenarios/scenario names rather silly. But That's a minor point.

    I also got the En Garde rulebook and I am less thrilled with that. There is one photo that is used in 3 different places! Also, the rules don't seem very "swashbuckler-y". I want to find a nice fairly simple set of rules for swashbuckler games with "warbands" and ways to advance over a series of games. I've looked at a few different sets of rules, but have yet to find any that fit the bill for me.

  4. I agree re En Garde, I thought they would be simpler/more accessible.Let us know when you find such rules or have suggestions.