Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Easter gaming and a visit from the Forbodian Ambassador

Sunday afternoon saw some gaming with the girls and A.
Ticket to Ride and then-
Today the Forbodian Ambassador ( aka Tim Gow) arrived with a game of  Little Cold Wars.It was decided that it was a tad chilly outdoors so the Living Room was cleared-
The Americans were dug in defending a village.
Zoe resolved the Russian mortar fire by firing a matchstick from a Britain's mortar.
The Russian infantry disembark whilst covering fire ensues.

The Russians engaged in close assault.
The end of the game with a Russian victory. Thanks Tim for a most enjoyable afternoon's gaming.


  1. Looks like a lot of fun. I loved my experience with LCW. But you've got to watch that Forbodian, he a shady character.

  2. It does look like everyone is having a lot of fun!

    I have a bad feeling about that foreboding ambassador. Eh, what? Oh, sorry, Forbodian ambassador!

  3. Watch it you two - the Forbodian Secret Police know where you live!

  4. What a wheeze. Are the 2 Easter eggs for the victor of the battle?

  5. My experience suggests that it was a smart move getting the young woman to fire the mortar.

    Sounds like a fun if somewhat Forboding day.