Thursday 31 March 2016

From "Transactions of the Tradgardland Ducal Society volume VIII"

The Tradgardland Society's expedition ( under the careful yet expensive leadership of Dr Blanc-Sec) to find the rare striped Umstrttental orchid had been a success, in spite of the attempts of the Empire to thwart his plans.Nothing was heard from Blanc-Sec for the next two years until he showed drawings of his discovery to the Society's Epiphanytide lectures-
When the gasps of amazement ceased Dr Blanc-Sec mumbled to the effect that there was indeed much more and asked to see the Duke alone...


  1. Egad, M'Lord! A scientific breakthrough if ever there was one! Tell us more!

  2. An ancestor of Mme. Blanc-Sec, the famous Egyptologist?

  3. The very one, you know your genealogy Sir!