Friday, 1 April 2016

First Frostgrave

Yesterday I had my first game of Frostgrave and it was most enjoyable.All figures and terrain ( apart from the fog) are Richard's excellent work.
My Enchanter and his two Men at Arms skulk amidst the ruins.
The Apprentice and two crossbowman hide behind the fog.
Beware of the fearsome Ice Toad!
Thanks go to Richard for initiating me into the game and helping me stat up a warband.
I found the game really engrossing and became involved in the action in a way that reminded me of the D&D  I played thirty or more years ago . I am off to try and get some figures together myself. Give the game a try you wont regret it!


  1. Another convert - bravo! Great game isn't it?

  2. Certainly pleased for You Alan in enjoying the Skirmish Game with Richard - and now the search for some suitable figures- have fun. Regards. KEV.

  3. It does look and sound fun, especially with other players.

  4. I just got a copy for my cousin. I've been hearing very good things.