Thursday, 28 April 2016

A Gentleman's War or A set of very traditional rules for battles between traditional toy soldiers by Mr H Whitehouse & Mr D Foley

Weekend approaching and I am preparing to try out the rules in the title of this post for the first time. More info and a link to email Mr Howard Whitehouse for a copy-

Traditional toy soldiers ready for the coming fray...
A wee game I know but hopefully fun...


  1. H.G. Wells would be proud , classic set up! ,Tony

  2. I've been reading AGW prior to setting up a game and will be very interested to see how your game turns out. I'm thinking of converting movement and ranges to hexes to suit my Hexon II tiles. Enjoy your game.

    1. I'm thinking of using cm on my smaller table top set up.I'll be interested to hear how your Hexon works as I have recently bought some.

  3. I like the look of that set up. I had the chance to buy some of those figures years ago but held off and when I went back the shop had closed. This of course was over a period of years. Looking forward to the AAR.