Friday, 22 April 2016

Bits n Bobs sources?

Anyone recommend a good source of wee  bits n bobs ( weapons,packs,pouches etc etc) to use when converting figures? I have in mind 28mm scale and Rogue Trader/ Fantasy setting.


  1. Ebay 40k bitz? You can get most of the space marine sort of pouches for cheap.

  2. I've bought plastic kits and "borrowed" bits from them. I'm not sure it the cost is worth it, but I don't like assembling plastic figures (or painting and using plastic figures, for that matter). But the right kits/sets can have plenty of bits for conversions onto other plastic minis or even onto metal ones as I do. Great for things like weapons swaps, adding bits n bobs, etc.

    Another option I sometimes have resorted to is to sculpt on some items using greenstuff.

    Also, some miniatures manufacturers do sell things like weapons packs and other bits. I know Reaper has some and you can often order the separate pieces from multi-part minis. I'm sure other companies must have similar offerings, but I'm not familiar with them.

  3. I'm not too familiar with them, but don't the hard plastic figure kits from the Perrys, Warlord, etc., include a lot of extra weapons and equipment? I guess buying these are rather pricey if all you don't want the figures themselves, but you could probably sell them pretty easily.


  4. I have a noodle around Ebay looking for 40k joblots and similar.