Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Inspiration and a confession

Confession time- I have never played WH40K and have never been particularly attracted to the modern gaming of the 40k universe at all. However having bought the first edition of the rules- Rogue Trader I have become more and more interested in the universe portrayed and the  potentiality for small colourful skirmish games set therein.
You probably know this blog already but I would like to highlight it anyway-
It is filled with inspiring conversions of figures which are really well made and beautifully painted. Even if it's not your scene pop by and wonder at the artistry.
Finally what do I need to read next for background and local colour- are the novels any good?


  1. The novels aren't very good, I can't remember what actually happened in any of them that I did read. If rogue trader captured your imagination I would look out for articles from the old white dwarf magazine.
    Plenty of interesting additional fluff to fill out the universe, and my favourite, plans to glue to card for building vehicles.

  2. That's a terrific blog - very talented and eclectic chap. I don't know about the novels, I suspect they are written by underemployed English lit majors locked in a boiler room somewhere.

    1. Ditto... with plots dreamed up by computer.... with an imagination like yours, I'd make my own back stories up... :o))

  3. Long time fan of that blog. There are some really good fellas working in the Oldhammer sphere.

  4. Thanks for the recommendation. That's a very interesting blog indeed. Regards, Karl

  5. By the way, do you know this Rogue Trader inspired blog?

  6. Most interesting,thanks for the link!