Sunday, 24 April 2016

Shedding- the past,present and future

This time of year Jan & I ordered our vegetable seeds after chatting,planning and looking at the catalogues.Last year I set up an indoor planning area for Jan to use (in the shed) when she was not up to more. This year my heart was just not in it. I hummed and hawed over this matter.Yesterday I went for it-
Some seeds planted and other trays prepared for those I ordered by phone today.
The other half of the shed is not so good-
The idea this year is to get it a little better set up for girls to do art in and me to use as a hobby area. Future plans may or may not involve  insulation, a wood burning stove and a wee door/inside track for G scale railways- we shall see!


  1. Good to see your enjoying the potting - with more on the way- Summer is a good time to get things done- were still in Autumn yet it is most pleasant through the day - the evenings are cool and the nights are chilly....all the best Alan. KEV.

  2. Like the sound of the model railway ! , Tony

  3. Nice to have an little area to do your potting in.

    A little G scale railway - that'll be fun; (I have some spare track, if you want it let me know :) ).

  4. I can understand your heart not being in it for the potting and such. It sounds like a wonderful and fitting tribute/memorial to your wife, though.
    Best wishes with getting the other half of the shed set up!
    I agree that the model railroad sounds fun.

  5. Insulation and a stove is the way forward - it feels like camping without the discomfort :-)

    Regards, Chris.

  6. There's always something to do in the garden.

  7. Well foot forward. Looks like a good Spring Day up there as well.

  8. It is good to see that the garden is still going - I wish we had room for one.