Wednesday 14 December 2016

Chosen men

Many of you will know that I am a big Patrick O'Brian fan ( his work has been compared to Jane Austen and referred to  as England's Odyssey) and have been for many,many years. I have therefore sent off for the new Perry naval  landing party figures  now they are in production. These ,along with the forthcoming "Chosen Men" Osprey rules, will hopefully be used to fight the battles from the books as well as landings in  Denmark and Norway.


  1. I *love* O'Brien's Aubrey & Maturin books! Honestly, I'll swear he was there, serving and observing in Nelson's navy. He turned a pretty, elegant phrase, sir. Most elegant indeed. I look forward to seeing your landing party take shape.

  2. What a splendid project. Like you I love the books, though the long technical passages (I privately refer to them as "sailing the boat bits") tend to lose me.

  3. I too am an admirer of Patrick O'Brian's sea stories. The first I ever read was 'The Mauritius Command', which I still think is the best of them. I do hope that Perry haven't done Captain Aubrey in the likeness of Russell Crowe nor Barrett Bonden as Billy Boyd (I like Billy Boyd as Peregrine Took, but Bosun Bonden? No bally way!)

    As you might gather, I loathed the movie, and not just because they conflate two novels into one, and miscast at least two of its lead characters. They simply butchered the story and butchered the characterisation.


    1. I must confess to liking the film and wish they had made another.It may not be perfect but it got Patrick O'Brian better known generally and may have encouraged some people to read the books.

  4. Michael - you gotta have the technical bits! Most educational. The origins of the expression "the devil to pay (and no pitch hot)" is itself a masterpiece of explaining a technical point and keep the narrative flowing. Mr O'Brian was a great writer - a fine 'prosologist'...