Saturday, 16 September 2017


Around the early 80s I got these-
I looked with enthusiasm at the Warrior Miniatures Charles II period 25mm figures in the window of their shop in Glasgow. Alas I never bought any. What I did do was decapitate loads of Minifigs 25mm GNW Russians and stick on wide brimmed heads ( possibly Thessalian ancient?) to get the look. It was fun at the time.
The other day this arrived-
I have not had time or energy to do it justice but I am very impressed  indeed. A visual delight and well written. Once more it has fanned the flames of enthusiasm for the "might have been" battles of 1688 on English soil. Combined with "The Pikeman's Lament" I am tempted to give them a go but which scale- 15mm,20mm or 28mm?


  1. Alan,
    you may have seen this blog, but if not, you may find it interesting.

    I found one of the earlier posts particularly interesting, and with a great video.

    I never even knew there were re-enactors or that they went to Killiecrankie. It looks like it was a good day.


  2. Looks like interesting reading nevertheless. Of course, Warrior Miniatures are still in operation, and, I see, still very reasonably priced. . .

    Best Regards,


  3. 28mm. They have heft and bulk and character, and it is worth naming them :)

  4. If more inspiration is required a similar what if campaign has been running for a couple of years here:

    Set in England in 1692...