Thursday, 7 September 2017

Army Black in 40/45mm semi flats

Trying to eat into the Lead Mountain  by basing/painting as a distraction tonight. These are some homecast  semi flat figures which belong to the army of Army Black.
Apart from a couple of figures cooking supper al fresco with a large cauldron over an open fire with billowing steam these are all I have. If anyone would like to swop/sell me a few more cavalry and  infantry please be in touch as I would like to finish this little army.


  1. Are they the old Prince August Holger Erikson figures ?

  2. They are charming - aren't they? Good work.

  3. They are homecast figures from Schneider moulds, your best source for them is probably ebay.

  4. Alan
    Some old Schneider type mounds at an interesting site / shop in Berlin which may do mail order.

    Similar figures are shown on an angle fire collection as Schneider (54mm?)

    A reasonably good match potentially are the the tiny range of Holger Erickson 40/45mm Modern Swedish 1958 infantry and cavalry moulds - they cast quite cheaply and cleanly. Stylish little figures - I have one of two of these rubber moulds for imagine-nations purposes. Easy mail order from