Sunday, 3 September 2017

Update 2

I am glad to see August gone. Often it seems like we are all ,on and off,  just waiting for Jan's anniversary. The 30th passed as well as could be expected,I can hardly believe it is two years now!
On the hobby front I have done little but thought more. I bought some N gauge chalets etc to use as wargames scenery. This included a church identical to one which I had as a boy.Here it is with firstly some 1/72 scale stuff and then with 25/28mm-
I'm happy with the 1/72 but not so sure about the 25/28mm.What do you think?
Today,whilst out on an errand I popped into a charity shop and got these-
Sheer nostalgia in book form and a good family game if online reviews are to be believed- not bad for seven pounds the pair. 


  1. Tradgardmastare,

    I am sure that your family supported each other during the past few days, and together you have taken strength from each other.

    I like the chalets you have acquired. I have several similar buildings, and they work well with 20mm figures but less well with larger ones.

    'Ivor the Engine'! Fun stories and trains; what's not to like!

    All the best,


  2. Have some of those buildings they have a lot of character - and being pre-painted is a big plus , all the best Tony

  3. Best wishes to you and your daughters! 2 years already? Time moves on, doesn't it?

    I think the buildings are okay with the 25/28mm figures. I guess it depends on the scale of the game, in a sense. In other words, how many men does each figure represent? If it's 1 to 1, then the buildings might be out of scale. If it's more like 20 to 1 or something, then they could work I suppose. Sort of a question of the buildings representing built-up areas or specific buildings?

  4. The Postgate/Firmin exhibition is in the local art gallery till October. The lady in charge told MrsJ and I yesterday that ' everyone goes in as an adult but comes out as a hild again@. We especially liked the opportunities to a) learn to speak clanger and b) make our own short Ivor film.

  5. The chalets are nice, especially with the 1/72 figures.

    Two years? Does not seem like it - take care of yourself and your daughters.

  6. Time passes but memories last.

    I think the buildings are fine with the 25/30's as long as they are bunched together as a town. I'm not keen on the whole "one big house can give cover to a battalion" thing At that scale I'd rather see a cluster of smaller houses represent a town or a town block with a unit being put in the middle and assumed to be split up and occupying the whole thing.

  7. My thoughts are with you at this time.

    For me, the 1/72 get away with it in a cheeky way, but the 28's are starting to push their luck.

    I was in a toy place yesterday and was taken by how much stuff that I enjoyed as a child is back in vogue (it probably never went away), but it's fab to see a new generation enjoying the things that gave me so much pleasure.

  8. I use bui9ldings smaller than the figure scale all the time. The trick is to use them bunched together in a decent built up area. They don't really work as individual buildings. The difference is just too glaring