Saturday, 5 May 2018

S Club 5?

I have recently bought some old Minifigs which I am led to believe were painted in the 1970s . Their slender shape and simple painting style greatly appeal to me. Whenever l buy painted figures l tend to leave the paint job alone especially if it is pleasing like these ones. Sentiment influences me as I like the fact that the artistry of another individual (unknown to to me) lives on in my armies. I have another contingent coming which will give me two ecw sides of reasonable size. I imagine these figures to be S range and will continue to look out for others to add to this project and my 16th century one too. As a postscript after much frustration with myself I finally managed to add the photo. Hopefully this means my posting can continue via the iPad until I buy a new pc.


  1. Photo was there until I published this post but now it has gone,bother,bother.

  2. Looking forward to seeing them when possibe...I rather like the old ECW range , with lots of lobster pots and puritan hats.