Monday 7 May 2018

Whilst waiting for the bbq to take...

A quick look at the painting bureau. A 28mm gardener figure carries a heavy sack of tulip bulbs ready to plant, some statues with plinths made of cotton reels and an ornamental pond made of modelling clay. Above out of shot are some S range cavaliers and to the left (also out of shot) are medieval Scots l have had for years awaiting becoming ready for Lion Rampant. Some reference material to be used to create a foam board building. That’s about it ,off to catch what is left of the sun.


  1. Yes BBQ weather here too ! , cooler tomorrow , even did a bit of figure preparation outdoors

  2. Looking forward to seeing the board.... are you consulting Mr Van Hoyten about the canals?

  3. Dutch / Duchy water garden today, Military Canal tomorrow - good Civil and Military Engineering practice for the Tradgardland Duchy / Royal Engineers.