Wednesday, 3 July 2019


I am just back from Cornwall visiting my middle daughter with my youngest daughter ( who graduates tomorrow- congratulations Freya) and we enjoyed the trip tremendously. Highlights included the warmth ,scenery and sea. I had the pleasure of catching up with Mark , Man of Tin in person. for his thoughts on the meeting.
This was most enjoyable and we had a splendid wide ranging conversation.
Pendennis castle was fascinating with both a Henrician fort and WW 1 and 2 fortifications and guns. Credit to English Heritage who provide evocative and informative  interpretive displays. Some sort of   Tudor game is filed away in my mind along with ideas of 20mm Airfix with coastal defence set from my youth.
I also enjoyed a river trip towards Truro , Truro itself, the Eden Project and Porthleven. There is a super coffee shop there called “ Origins” with some of the best coffee and pastries l have had for ages. Also  a splendid burger place in Falmouth called  “ The Meat  Counter . “
I saw a pillbox in Porthleven protecting the harbour, most interesting. I wonder if readers of this blog could suggest reading for me about ww2 coastal craft warfare as l imagined those small vessels coming in and out harbours.
A great trip in lots of ways, just wish Scotland was a bit warmer.


  1. Sounds like you had a great holiday !

  2. What a great holiday, and congratulations to Freya. Time certainly flies by doesn't it? A cheap 20mm Tudor game could be done using Redbox, revell and imex figures. Always fancied doing a raid by Barbary pirates on a Cornish village, which apparently was an all too frequent occurrence.

  3. Shame on you Alan, Scotland has been baking this past week, T-shirt weather and lots of guys in shorts.

  4. Glad to hear you had a great time on holiday Alan! Re Tudor period wargaming it's a period I would love to get into but have never been sure which rules to use-it seems such a specialised period that you can't really use medieval or ECW rules but I don't know of any good elegant rules of the period.