Sunday 21 July 2019

Two novels

The first l encountered when a classmate of mine was reading it at a camp. I sort of read over his shoulder and nagged him to lend it to me when he had finished it. I borrowed the book, subsequently bought my own copy and the book and it remains a favourite.
The second l found in a second hand bookshop in the road where my place of employment was in my late teens. I didn’t like the job at all. Lunchtime was spent in a vile subterranean cave sorry lunchroom and often reading , as the more senior member of staff eating there liked to quietly read over his lunch. The Swann book brought some light, colour and warmth into lunchtimes and whimsy too. I still reread it again and again.


  1. Anderson's Broken Sword was a favourite of mine at school. I have never read Swann.

  2. I have Broken Sword, great read too.

  3. Nice
    Poul Anderson wrote a lot of good books! I love the Hoka stories he did with Gordon Dickson (another prolific writer of a wide variety of good sci-fi).