Saturday, 20 July 2019


 I saw the moon landing on b&w tv. I was nine at the time. I still have the scrapbooks l compiled from the newspapers at the time. Sadly they are in an inaccessible place under the eaves, one day...

I queued round the block in Chambers Street with my father to see the moon rock/dust in the museum in Edinburgh. Here ,however,is a book l have kept on the bookshelves from around 1970. It was a Christmas present costing 12s or 60 N.P as the inside cover states. It was and is a favourite.


  1. The Mars lander for the 1980s. If only ... Although I was too young to stay up and see the TV transmissions on the Eagle lander day (if we even had a TV then) I remember thinking in the 1970s that we should have been more shiny, more amazing, more Thunderbirds and Space 1999 within a decade or two. We seemed to go backwards into the mundane of three day weeks, rubbish in the streets, industry and engineering shutting down and strikes ... Even the Sci Fi like Star Wars and Doctor Who on Earth was a bit space junk grunge, battered and worn in places ...

  2. I vaguely remember the moon landing but the thing I remember more was the later missions with the lunar rover. Lovely looking book by the way.