Sunday 27 October 2019


I bought these today-
The tapestry book was bought at Rosenborg slot. I was really taken by the tapestries in the throne room of Christian V  and his victories in the Scanian War. I took photos of some and the book shows more. I couldn’t resist this new Osprey. Ok I could have got it a wee bit cheaper at home but it was special to have bought it in Denmark. I look forward to looking at these later. Just back from the Tivoli and off for something to eat.


  1. Sounds like you're having a great visit. Enjoy.

    1. I did, it was my fifth visit to Denmark and l cannot recommend it highly enough.

  2. I do hope you're enjoying Denmark, on my places to visit list. I've seen several lace wars types blog on that Osprey book, the Canadian in me is always happy to see ski troops!

  3. You must, it is wonderful. Although l have zero balance, can hardly face an icy pavement and certainly can’t ski l have a soft spot for ski troops too. I have some 40mm ones in my Early Medieval Norwegian Army, 40mm GNW ones and Napoleonic in 28mm for example. There are some fascinating Norwegian 18th century guides to drill for ski troops out there well worth a look not to mention guns and ammunition wagons both on sledges.

  4. Glad you are having a great time., Certainly one of the places I would like to go.