Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Hunting High and Low : a Portable Wargame

Sweden 1807.
Rumours of children going missing from local farmsteads have been coming into the local authorities. Human bones and scraps of clothing have been found. An investigation has been undertaken and as a result of it some soldiers have been sent into the forest...
The light infantry are responding to stories of a strange creature seen by moonlight. They are armed and go into the trees reluctantly...


  1. Great setting! Those are lovely figures too.

    1. Minifigs Swedes painted beautifully by Jim Duncan, I am pleased to have them in collection.

  2. Ominous. Intriguing. Bet they never listen to the music before going to the forest.

    "A-Ha! We're hunting High and Low" says ageing Scandi Corporal Morten Harket.

    Suitable instruction and Training for the troops here is given in the 1807 Swedish Army Method of Instruction MOI talk by one Mr Edward Izzard.

    Notice: The occasional robust swear words are used but then we are talking to the troops.

    Beware if it is the Forest of Death and Blud that they are entering!

    Your troops should be able to tell if this is the Forest of Death And Blud if:
    A) there is a bridge blown up by squirrels.
    B) some of the soldiers are called Agatha, Tabitha and Bagatha.
    C) one of the soldiers sounds a bit like James Mason
    D) the troops are followed by a bunch of Cellists or the light infantry military band (at last a use for the marching band figures, not just doubling up as battlefield medics).


    1. I will have a look at these over the weekend..

    2. Really enjoyed the you tube clip, thanks for bringing it to my attention.

  3. Silver Bayonet - the Prequel ? Ahead of the curve here, Mr. Gruber!