Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Gaming and reflecting

On Monday l played an ACW game with my two regular opponents. We were trying out a new set of rules to us “ Charge boys, Charge!” from the Old Glory Uk website, l think by Andy  C. The scenario was based upon Burnside bridge l believe and involved dicing for fords and for confederate arrivals.
 It was great fun and has been left up to finish next week. The rules were four sides of A4, more than enough for me. The death of another wargaming giant this week has made me do a lot of thinking about the hobby, of the part it has played in my life and how it has enriched it.Books ,lead, plastic and dice have been a constant through thick and thin.Also this week l have been tinkering with Nordic Bronze Age rules by a fellow wargamer who has just completed a thousand miles. They were fun, simple and enjoyable too. I contrast that with a how to play video from a mega manufacturer who had done their best to make a complicated system accessible. It was too much for me. Gamey too if you know what I mean.
As time goes on all l want is to play ( with others or solo) are simple ,fun games with rules that don’t exhaust ,bewilder or frustrate me.  Toy soldiers,dice and good company that’s what the hobby is and story ( or scenario led if you prefer) games. Imagineering too as exemplified by the EvE creation of Bluebear Jeff. I have “met” so many super folk through the hobby, kind and sharing folk some who l have had the privilege to meet in person. Let’s cherish our hobby, our blogs each other and our gaming.


  1. Well said! Life goes by too quickly.

    Best Regards,


  2. I agree totally , simple rules that I can remember in my head are best .

  3. I was about to say " well said", but 2 previous chaps have written that. Absolutely agree with you, it's a wonderful hobby full of splendid folk .

  4. Fine words, well said. A fine hobby and good company (even if you are a solo player).
    Simple fun is just the ticket.
    That is why I like old Featherstone rules and Stuart Asquith's Comfortable Wargaming article

  5. As sad as the passing of people like Stuart Asquith and Donald Featherstone is they did leave a nice legacy for many of us. Getting us started on this hobby, giving us more stuff to go over the long lives they shared with us.

    I agree with your thoughts on simple rules, too. A good game and a fun time can be had from simple rules, whether solo or with other gamers. And I love that we all share stuff on our various blogs and other sites. Lots of inspiration and fun. :)