Wednesday, 12 February 2020

Knights,not in white satin...

These plastic knights arrived today, an eBay purchase. They are full of character and some I have never seen before. I particularly like the King with a crown upon his helm in the top row and the chap  on the the right of the middle row with the mace.
What would be the best guide to buy to help identify them ? Can bowmen be purchased in a similar style?
The figures remind me of the illustrations I have seen of the Eglinton Tournament of 1839 in some ways.


  1. Unfortunately, I can't help with identification, but they are indeed full of character. Quite a nice find!

  2. A couple of them look like Timpo figures. Lovely collection.

  3. Timpo knights are top row extreme right, centre middle row and first bottom row.

  4. Archers in this style? Available from Amazon and others

    Others have crossbowmen etc such as

  5. Top row 1,2 Charbens, 3 Cherilea, 4,5 Charbens, 6 Timpo
    Middle row 1,2 Charbens, Cherilea, Timpo, Cherilea, Charbens, Cherilea
    Bottom row Timpo, Cherilea, 3,4,5 Charbens

    Plastic Warrior specialist publications on individual manufacturers are the best source material for identification of old plastic toy figures.

  6. Thanks for help with the identity of my knights. I will pick up the Plastic Warrior publications pertaining to individual manufacturers soon.
    I followed the helpful links to Amazon. One set of earlier looking figures in mail and surcoat I have already and use with my Expeditionary Force figures as early medievals. To my eyes they look too early to mix with fully plate armoured chaps.
    Secondly the other Amazon link is to figures I bought some time ago and laid aside. They all are in plate (including bowmen) and wear a crown on their helmet and have heavily embroidered surcoats. To my eye they remind of the big Airfix Black Prince I painted as a boy. I guess what I am looking for are cheap bowmen with the look of my Herald set of my youth,simple classic lines. Thanks for the links anyway.