Wednesday, 19 February 2020

Taking Eric’s troops forward and other matters

I was away in Yorkshire over the weekend visiting friends. I was stunned at the amount of flooding in the fields as I passed by in either train or car. Poor farmers as if they don’t have enough to fret about already...
Friday saw me visiting the Royal Armouries, a delight as ever. I managed to catch a demonstration of Japanese sword drawing which was fascinating to watch and the demonstrator was equally fascinating to listen to. The museum is getting ready for an exhibition on the Field of the Cloth of Gold later this year which looks well worth a visit . Saturday saw me driven to Settle,which looked interesting but the weather stopped us getting out for a wander. Sunday morning and we visited a church with an Anglo Saxon holy well in the grounds and bell ringers within, not to mention friendly welcoming folk.
Yesterday I came home to a parcel. It contained some of Eric Knowles 16th century figures. Here is a photo of them
They will complete a small side project to fight some imaginary battles of the second half of the 16th century inspired by battles like the battle of Langside, of Carberry Hill and the Siege  of Haddington. Scots soldiers will mix with foreign mercenaries. I am excited to take Eric’s troops forward into battle and to let them fight on..
Finally can anyone suggest a figure ( preferably 25mm and old school) I could use as a mounted or on foot Mary Queen of Scots?

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  1. That forthcoming exhibition sounds good. Hmm.. do Minifigs do a suitable figure? If not perhaps the Marion from the Airfix Robin Hood set.