Wednesday 5 February 2020

Size comparison photos for Anthony and Brian

Here are some photos comparing mainly Expeditionary Force dark age 40mm figures with metal ones which I think are Sabre and Sash. One picture also contains some very cheap toy soldiers for size comparison also. Hope these are helpful-


  1. Hi Alan, very many thanks for this! The S&S mounted multi-based figures look a bit smaller than their X-Force counterparts but the S&S multi-based foot look bigger! On the other hand the individually based figures in the 3rd pic look the same height. I like your consistent basing, which helps disguise the slight difference in height. What rules are your figures based for? Cheers, Anthony.

    1. Delighted to help. They are based for Lion Rampant.

  2. Thanks for this Alan, it's helpful to us and also to all the other people who've bought these figures. The thing I really value about blogging is how people make the effort to help each other out and provide inspiration to enjoy the hobby.

  3. I agree with you, the blogging folk are so helpful and inspiring too. A virtual Wargames club without the downside.