Friday 17 September 2021

Coffee, lunch and an ostentation of peacocks

 The peacocks were out in force today as I met friends for coffee and lunch in the Glen today. One peacock came onto the terrace to the horror of a small dog who needed a great deal of reassurance. Later the peacock ruffled its feathers releasing quite a quantity of soil. For some reason I never imagined that they had dust baths like other species.


  1. I never realized they could fly! What are they doing atop a building?

  2. They "flap-hop" in stages up levels to roost high up in trees to avoid tigers in their native Indian forests ... or Scottish tigers in this case.
    Flying is too kind a word for their uncontrolled chaotic descent back to the ground.

  3. We came across some peacocks at Scone Palace earlier this year... our dogs were quite keen to eat them!